Asset Management

We believe that preserving and enhancing the underlying value in property generates higher risk-adjusted returns. At ACA we seek to preserve investor capital and enhance the value of our investments via pro-active and innovative asset management protocols. Comprised of highly entrepreneurial and experienced investment professionals, ACA works to create and preserve wealth for its investors at all points during market and capital cycles. Our Asset Management team is dedicated to developing innovative initiatives designed to increase rental income, reduce costs and improve the tenant base in terms of mix, credit risk and lease length as well as refurbishing, redeveloping and repositioning of properties through adroit and focused management.

We are a proven organization skilled at managing risk and providing timely and consistent transparent reporting. We understand that transparency requires open and proactive discussion of salient issues and potential problems with our investors. We provide the following information to our investors:

PERIODIC UPDATES: Providing our market views, corresponding tactical and strategic opportunities for the portfolio investments.

QUARTERLY REPORTING: Including detailed investment performance reviews, budget comparisons, valuations and market outlook research.

FINANCIAL REPORTING: Furnished by a CPA firm with a noted expertise in limited partnerships and commercial real estate.

ACA’s unique combination of entrepreneurial thinking and institutional discipline ensures a thorough assessment of the commercial real estate and capital markets, solid investment decision-making, and professional investment management.