Private Equity

We feel that smaller private companies that work in traditional mediums are our ideal fit. Austin Capital typically invests in straightforward industries such as food/beverage manufacturing, consumer products/services, and lifestyle concepts. We occasionally look at other businesses that constitute a unique product or service and add value to our portfolio. We focus on transactions in the $1 to $20 million range.

While our style is flexible and creative, our business decisions are typically conservatively structured with an eye towards mitigating risk. Our position is typically as lead investor or in a controlling or minority position. We strive for a collaborative approach to investing where an opportunity exists to assist in growing the enterprise and to serve as active partners with management.

In collaboration with each management team, we develop a clearly defined, long-term strategy that focuses on:

  • Growth initiatives
  • Management and personnel requirements
  • Value creation approaches
  • Capital needs
  • Exit strategy alternatives
  • Competitive differentiation